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Expert Advice

As with all luxury items, use care in wearing, handling and laundering your new Tracey Chaffin piece. Crystals may become damaged or dislodged if they are hit hard against the corner of something. With regard to swimwear, do not expose them to intense heat or extended periods in water.

With respect to laundering your fitness clothing, gently hand wash in cool water or on the delicate cycle of your washer with mild detergent. You may also choose to dry clean your pieces. It is preferred your swimwear be hand washed. When hand washing, rinse and remove excess water by placing between two clean dry towels and press the water out of the fabric. Please do not soak any of your pieces for more than 3 hours as this can potentially loosen the adhesive of the crystals. Refrain from wringing as this may cause damage. Lay all pieces on a flat surface to dry. Please do not use heat to expedite drying process as this may cause damage to the crystals.

When you receive your piece, you will immediately notice that it is much heavier than your standard clothing or bikini. This is due to the weight of the Swarovski Crystals adorned on the piece. To maintain the life of your custom piece, I recommend that you store your piece in a cool place on a shelf, drawer or protective case. Do not use hangers with clips as this may damage the crystals. Please avoid hanging any pieces heavily embellished as it may cause stretching over time due to the weight of the crystals.

In the event of damaged, dislodged or lost crystals, please call or visit this website where you can contact me and send it back for a minimal repairing fee.