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From my early teenage years, I’ve always been very aware of how exercise and nutrition play a vital role in our lives. And, I love knowing that my exterior is a direct reflection of how I treat my body. Taking care of my physique has been and will continue to be a priority. Like many, I even had phases when I took it to the extreme. I’ve finally found my happy balance. And now, I want to help other women feel good about themselves as well.

I’m happiest when I’m challenging myself with new things. And knowing I’m helping others to draw out their inner confidence and beauty keeps me driven.

My passion and persistence in bringing out the best is now proudly carried over to my new exclusive, elegant and custom brand of women’s fitness apparel. Every aspect of this line has been extensively thought through and is perfectly made to fit your every curve. Embellished with Swarovski crystals, each piece is made with unparalleled detailed care and attention.

What you’re wearing will always be unique from what the other ladies have on. Each piece you select will be specifically made for you.

I appreciate that a woman simply wants to feel beautiful every day she gets up and gets dressed to go conquer the day. It’s my hope and belief that this line makes facing the day just a little more empowering and fun!

Tracey Chaffin Designs

Tampa FL US
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